White Tea for Relaxation

Using white tea for relaxation has long traditions throughout the Oriental culture and throughout the world. White tea, like all other forms of tea, has a stress reducing effect on the body; the entire process of boiling the water and steeping your tea leaves to actually sitting comfortably and sipping a hot cup of white tea is very calming for the soul. What many people do not realize is that the calming effects of white tea are not merely in the mind.

Less Caffeine

Drinking white tea for relaxation as opposed to green tea or black tea, which have higher caffeine concentrations, is ideal if you are looking for that stress reliever at the end of a long day. While all teas contain caffeine, white tea contains far less than any other tea product. This lack of caffeine helps the calming effects of white tea as caffeine stimulates the brain and makes you more alert.

These low levels of caffeine, however, do actually aid in the calming effects of white tea. Most people that drink any form of tea can attest to the fact that drinking tea will temporarily relieve drowsiness. Because of the low amount of caffeine in white tea, many drinkers report that they feel much calmer after their tea ritual. And there is less chance of receiving the late night jitters that many people receive from drinking other caffeinated drinks, which makes white tea for relaxation the perfect choice.

The White Tea Ritual

For the majority of tea drinkers, the actual process of preparing and drinking their tea has a calming effect in and of itself. People in Asian cultures have known this for centuries, where entire rituals were devoted to drinking tea. Today, many drinkers follow similar rituals which can add to the calming effects of white tea in their own homes. And while you do not have to go to extremes as many cultures have, the ritual process is well worth the effort.

To prepare white tea for relaxation, take some time during your day and prepare it properly. Instead of purchasing pre-made tea from the store, purchase white tea leaves and buds from a supplier such as Bring water to a boil in on the stove and spend some relaxing time steeping your tea leaves before you drink. You will be amazed at how relaxing it can be to slow down for moment and enjoy a cup of white tea.

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