Types of White Tea

Like many other types of tea there are a number of white tea varieties that drinkers can choose from. Figuring out the differences between the types of white tea can seem daunting. And while all white tea varieties have different, often lyrical-sounding names, the names don't really give much insight into the tea itself. Whitetea.com understands that our customers may not have the time to research the many different white tea varieties, so we have done the work for you.

White Tea Types

The many white tea varieties are distinguished based on a number of factors including the region of their origin and any ingredients such as fruit that is added to the leaves. Some of the more popular types of white tea are:

  • Silver Needle - The most sought after of the white tea varieties, Silver Needle white tea can only be harvested during a brief time in early spring before the tea buds have turned into leaves. The buds must be hand-picked while it is dry and warm. The sweet and mild flavor of Silver Needle white tea has made it the most popular of the types of white tea.
  • Long Life Eyebrow - Long life Eyebrow is often considered to be a lesser member of the white tea varieties. The leaves are harvested after other types of white tea such as Silver Needle and White Peony. Long Life Eyebrow has a darker appearance and richer flavor than the other white tea varieties.
  • Tribute Eyebrow - Also considered a lesser form white tea. Tribute Eyebrow is harvested after Silver Needle and White Peony. Tribute Eyebrow is processed slightly differently and has a darker appearance, similar to Long Life Eyebrow.
  • White Peony - Second in quality to Silver Needle, White Peony is harvested when there is only a bud and two leaves; and while the bud is still covered with white hairs. The color of White Peony is slightly darker and the taste mildly stronger than Silver Needle.
  • Snowbud - While not one of the main four white tea varieties, Snowbud is harvested while there are only buds and leaves in the early spring. Snowbud white tea has the mild flavor and clear coloring that all types of white tea are known for.

With all of the types of white tea that are available, finding the one for you is an experience in itself. Although white tea has grown in popularity, it can still be difficult to come by at your local market. Fortunately, WhiteTea.com has all white tea varieties available online to our customers. WhiteTea.com offers white tea products at retail and wholesale prices, allowing our customers to purchase one of the white tea varieties for their business or many types of white tea to enjoy at home.

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