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For many centuries, White Tea has been one of the luxury drinks consumed by the upper class in China. It is storied that the Chinese emporer, at one point in time, was one of the few who consumed it. Today, white tea is known for its mild and smooth flavor as well as for being high in antioxidants. The benefits of drinking white tea tend to be higher than the consumption of black or green tea, which have been heralded for their benefits. WhiteTea.com is the Internet's premier white tea supplier; bringing the white tea benefits out of the palace and into your cup. Visit our online store for all your white tea needs.

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  • Silver Needle White Tea

    From China. Premium silver needle tea.
    Delicate taste with airy fragrance...

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  • White Peony White Tea

    From the Fujian province of China.
    Delicate tea made from tea buds...

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WhiteTea.com is more than a white tea supplier, however. In addition to offering our customers a wide variety of white teas, we also have informative articles that can help them understand white tea benefits as well as how to distinguish between the many varieties and more. Some of the articles available to you at WhiteTea.com include:

  • White Tea 101 - Learn the basics of white tea. White Tea 101 will help you get started and enjoy all the benefits white tea has to offer.
  • Buy White Tea - Knowing what to look for before buying white tea is very important. Learn how to find the best white tea supplier, the best tea to buy and what to do to keep your white tea fresh.
  • History of White Tea - Discover more about the fascinating history of white tea from its discovery in ancient China to its modern uses for the many white tea benefits.
  • Proper Brewing of White Tea - In order to enjoy white tea properly, proper brewing is required to avoid scalding or ruining this extremely delicate tea leaf.
  • White Tea vs. Green Tea - Green tea has become very popular in the last few years; most people don't realize that white tea benefits far outweigh those of its green cousin.
  • Types of White Tea - Learn about the many different varieties of white tea that are available such as Silver Needle and Snowbud.

And these are just a few of the informative articles that WhiteTea.com offers to our customers. After you read about all the white tea benefits, varieties and proper brewing techniques, be sure to buy white tea and purchase everything you need to enjoy the white tea experience.

When you're looking for a white tea supplier, look no further than WhiteTea.com. We specialize in white tea, allowing our customers to feel assured that they will receive only the highest quality tea leaves and products, as well as the best information on the Internet about all the benefits white tea has to offer.

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